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We have a state of the art facility for your audio, film, video and livestreaming projects. We have a wide array of PA, backline and frontline gear for your live events.  Let us help you bring your live event to life.

Blues on the Green
GMVS Annual School Play - Grease 2
Livestream Station at SHSW
Soule Monde Sugarhouse Soundworks Studio

Laughing Eagle Productions, LLC was started in Austin, Texas in 2010 to provide audio and video recording services for both studio and live music projects. One of our notable first gigs was recording former members of the 60’s era band Moby Grape at the Dirty Dog Bar on 6th street during the SXSW Music Festival. A key part of its mission from day one was to help local artists acquire quality audio and video recordings that they could use to promote their talents. During these early years in Austin, there were many artists recorded at live venues in and around Austin, including many during SXSW festivals, as well as in the studio built by Eric Sigsbey in the basement of his home near Zilker Park.

After relocating to Waitsfield, Vermont in 2012, Eric enlisted the help of local audio engineer and music producer, Roger Stauss, to build a new recording studio amidst the beautiful Green Mountains of the Mad River Valley. Roger has over 40 years in the entertainment industry working for clients such as CBS, Comedy Central, HBO, Sesame Street Workshop, and RikMill Productions. He had also been recording and producing bands out of his farmhouse home studio when he and Eric decided to pool their respective resources and talents to build a state of the art facility in the Mad River Valley. Roger provides a comprehensive knowledge of audio design for all manner of media, musical instruments and audio equipment, as well as extensive experience managing bands.

Since moving to Waitsfield we have recorded many artists, done podcasts, and provided FOH PA gear, sound engineering and video services for live events, including the regular live music events at Sugarbush Ski Resort. The collaboration between these two has also led to the creation of Sugarhouse Soundworks, LLC, a state of the art recording studio tucked away in the Mad River Business park in scenic Waitsfield, Vermont. It is an excellent space to record, remix, do music videos, or even host and livestream live events. With a state of the art control room, separate drum and vocal rooms, and a beautiful 17’ x 21’ post and beam sound stage, together with a large selection of studio instruments, we’ll help you take your music, film or video projects to the next level. Whether you’re an emerging artist ready to record your first track, or an established musician searching for a specific sound come on down!

We’ve got the space, tools and expertise you need to make your next masterpiece.

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